Let’s get to know our President and Treasurer

The interview with President:  Dylan A. and Treasurer: Grant G.

Why did you run?

Dylan: Because I thought it would be a fun experience.

Grant: Because I thought it would be an awesome experience.

What things have you done this year so far?

Dylan: We have had a pep rally, a dance, failed spirit days, and hopefully we will have an alumni dance because a lot of people would like one and Mr. Maroldy says we can do it with permission slips.

Grant: We did 2 candy grams, a pep rally, and other stuff.

Any big projects you’re working on now?

Dylan: Probably just more dances, spirit days, candy grams, and pep rallies.

Grant: penny wars

Are there any upcoming projects?

Dylan: Valentines dance, candy grams, and penny wars.

Grant: To get a dolphin mascot for Ldv.

Tell a little about yourself?

Dylan: My name is Dylan I’m in 7th grade I’ve been here since kindergarten. I don’t know what else to say.

Grant: My names Grant. I’m 5’3” and play soccer and basketball.

What do you find fun about being elected?

Dylan: Hanging out with the other elected officials making plans and talking to other kids.

Grant: Making the school better.

Are there going to be any upcoming spirit days?

Dylan: Be nice to president day! Not a lot of people are nice to the President. And be nice to official’s day, dress up like a teacher day, or switch day where kids dress like teachers and teachers dress like kids.

Grant: We want to have an ugly sweater day.

Now that we’ve gotten to know our student council representatives we know a lot more about what is going on in student council and all the interesting projects they are working on.