Hi guys, its Claire H. We just had the first dance of the year at LDV on December 6th.  It was the winter dance. I talked to some of my friends to see what they thought about it. Justine J. said she had a lot of fun. “I do want to go to the next one, but I hope that at the next one there will be more people.” I picked her up at 5:00 and we had a time of excitement from there on. Kelly L. came a little later than we did. She said she had a little bit of fun, but she still rethinking going to the next one. I have to say that I had a lot of fun myself, I would like to go again, but I do have to agree with Justine J., I would hope for it to be a little bit more crowded next time. I also think that they could’ve had more foods like maybe home-made foods, not just what Mr.Androlowicz calls “card-board pizza.” I think that maybe someone could have brought a salad or maybe some spaghetti. I also think that maybe they could have had some regular songs instead of a song that got fixed up to have these weird mechanical sounds in it. I asked Kianna W. how she felt about the dance. She said she was right in the middle, meaning she had some fun. She said she liked the music and the food alright too. Kianna W. said that she would go to the next one if they can plan it a little more in advance. Be sure to catch the next dance in the Leonardo da Vinci auditorium, either the Valentines dance on February 7. Bye!!