The News about Female artists

Today I am writing about one of the most well-known singers in America. Her name is Beyoncé. Beyoncé was born in Houston, Texas, on September 4, 1981. She began her career entering dance and singing competitions as a child. Then she went to fame in the 1990’s as an R&B singer in the group “Destiny’s Child”. But then she left the group and continued her music as a solo artist. She released many successful albums that became huge hits. Her first album “Dangerously in Love”, was a huge hit and sold 11 million copies, and earned five Grammy awards.  Then she released three more popular albums called “Obsessed”, “I am… Sasha Fierce”, and “4”.  For this interview I interviewed Ti’Ana L. I asked her “what are your favorite songs from Beyoncé?” Ti’Ana said “I like a lot of songs from Beyoncé, but my favorite ones would be “crazy in love” and “halo”. Then I asked “do you think she is a great singer?” Ti’Ana said that she is a great singer, and she loves her voice. But her favorite singer is the lead singer in Hollywood undead. Then my last question was “would you ever want to see her in concert?” Ti’Ana said “nah, not really. I love her songs but I wouldn’t want to use so much money to see her.” For any of you that would like to see her, you can see her at the SAP center in San Jose, CA on December, 2,2013. Every month people buy these tickets to see Beyoncé, and it makes people very happy. If you want to know more about artists and their concert dates stay tuned in.