The legend of the San Francisco Giants

Since I was just a little kid I knew the Giants and I loved baseball and I am still one of their biggest fans, now I am going to talk about them. The San Francisco Giants are a Major League Baseball team based on San Francisco, California. They were in the National league since 1883 and presently they are in it now, they are also in the Western Division and they were in it since 1969. Their team colors are black, orange and, cream, they had three names from the past to now (New York Gotham’s 1883-1884, New York Giants 1885-1957, and Then San Francisco Giants from 1958 to now). Their manager is Bruce Bochy, their general manager is Brian Sabean, and their president of baseball operations is Larry Baer. This is truly my favorite baseball team even though they are not the best, but they are still one of many.

Some of the Latest News

So, Tim Hudson had signed a contract with the Giants as a right-hander. He was 38 years old and he was one of the best pitchers in the free agency, and he was good enough to get on the team. The distinction might belong to Matt Garza, Ubaldo Jimenez, or Ervin Santana. Hudson was one of the best and he is still considered a real professional baseball player. He actually used to be a player in the Oakland Athletics and he switched to this team. He had settled on a 23 million dollar contract with 11.5 million dollars annually, he is getting a good deal right there. So Hudson has brought intensity to the whole team and gave them his hope.


So their last two games were ran pretty smoothly, they beat the Cardinals by two points, but they had also lost a game against the Red Socks by two also. In my opinion they’re in the medium place right now, because they aren’t doing too bad or good. They are a team that has sportsmanship even though they lose or win games it doesn’t matter to them because they just play for fun and for the people.

Giants in the Community

            The Giants care, don’t just think they only play baseball, they have a heart too. Sometimes they donate to the poor; they show kids how important education is, they give community opportunities to fans to do free shots to get free tickets. This team is different, they aren’t like the others, they give hope and trust and everyday people depend on them to play.

The Final Interview

          So this is my last post and I want to make this my very last great interview. All of my family knows the Giants and they love them including me, they think they are one of the best teams around town, they said they don’t mind if they lose, they still like them. They are like family, not really, but they are a team that is connected in a way, I and my family watch their games on TV. We’re big fans and my family said that they hope that they will keep on going to the end.