This week ldv is playing Sam Brannan it is the first home game and next Thursday is against didion at home. Both of the games will be really good match. The didion boys’ team got second place last year and the didion girls’ team got first and beat the ldv in the championships. And the boys’ team beat san brannan in the first game of the playoffs last year. There is some tension between these teams.  The girl’s team swept the floor with Sam Brannan. And the boys team was trailing in the hole game going into the 4th quarter they were losing by 20 the were dominating in the 4th quarter they cut that lead down to five the crowed was roaring, but they couldn’t pull it through. They lost by 6. The boys and girls are practicing on Wednesday to get ready for didion. The boy’s team has a scrimmage on Saturday against ps7 they lost to this team in the last tournament they played in. the boys looked like they had some promise they were stopping didion from scoring but they couldn’t score on the other side of the court the game just got out of hand and ldv lost by more than 20 points. The girl’s game was more exiting it was a close game the whole game it was a tie game with 10sec left then they added like a minute and a half and the girls won by six.

I asked my dad if he could bring one person from last year to bring back for this team he said Xavier. He also said that the boys need to work on rebounding and passing. I also asked him whats the strongest part of the boy’s team he said some of the shooters and driving.       basketball on a court