New SCUSD High School Specialty Programs


mcclacthyhispThis week Michael Fry from JF Kennedy PACE and Ellen Wong from CK McClatchy HISP are coming to LDV on Wednesday, November 20th at 3:00 p.m. in room 34 Lecture Hall.  They are coming to LDV to talk about new specialty programs that they are adding for high school.  Here are some of the new programs they are adding: criminal justice program, professional arts program, IB program, health and medicine, and law and public policy.  They also have: technology and engineering, culinary, design and construction, business, law enforcement, computer graphics and visual, communications, auto mechanics, robotics, television, and woodworking.  These are all great programs and are good jobs.  If I was in high school the program I would be in is engineering because I always wanted to build a car, a train, or a plane.  Maybe even an awesome car for myself.  So, everybody have great fall break and a happy Thanksgiving.