Hunger games

          It’s finally here the hunger games is coming to theaters this Friday and everybody is excited to see it. The Hunger Games is an American science fiction movie the based on surviving.  Katniss Everdeen has returned home safe from the 74th annual hunger games with her friend Peeta Mellark.  In the hunger games Peeta and Katniss were the only ones alive.  A change of rules came upon them and there could only be one ruler.  Instead of Katniss killing Peeta she decided that they should eat poisonous berries to kill them both.  Then at the last second they were both declared winners of the Hunger games.  I did a class vote to see who is interested in seeing the movie and who isn’t all that interested.  11 people were interested in seeing the movie and 3 not so much.  I interviewed Julian M. and asked him how interested you are in seeing the movie The Hunger Games Catching Fire.  “I’m very interested because the action seems cool.”  On my perspective I think this movie is going to have a lot of people coming to see it.  This movie is very famous for everyone to watch IN THE USA.