EEERRRKKK! BOOM! This is all you heard when the two white cars, which were driven by LDV moms, crashed! One of the cars was able to drive away after they exchanged information. The worst car was total the hood of the car looked like it was ripped open and the entire car parts in the front were on the ground. The other car had just a dent in the side of it. No one was hurt luckily.  This car crash happened right in the morning while my first period class was walking to the computer lab when we heard this big loud screech and then a bang. At first it sounded like a big bang then I realized that it was a car crash and that it was in the back parking lot of Leonardo Da Vinci School. Aleasha S. said “I heard it and I jumped.” When this happened no one else heard this and kept on walking. That’s when Mr. Randy and Mr. Maltby ran to go check it out. That’s when we went to the computer lab but when we went to our second period class, Mrs. Davis came to the gym and told us she was dealing with the incident. car carashjugdf Pic of where the crash happened.