Animal Crossing New Leaf

Animal Crossing New Leaf is the next game in the Animal Crossing series for the 3DS. This is a 3D life simulation game where you are a villager who is moving to a new town that you name. You were mistaken for the new mayor the town people have been waiting for. This game plays with time. If it’s 9:30 pm in real life, it’s 9:30 in the game too. Like the other Animal Crossing games, you build the town. You can also build your town with your friends over the internet. I interviewed Emil R., a 6th grader at LdV that plays Animal Crossing New Leaf. I asked Emil R., “What is your favorite animal/character from the game?” Emil R. said, “I like that secretary. What’s her name? Oh yeah, Isabelle. She gives you free stuff!” Every day new animals might move into your town, and animals might ask you to do a certain favor like to catch a fish or find a perfect peach.  You can buy furniture at the Nookling Junction. Emil R. tries to get a fortune cookie every day. After you read your fortune, you should give it to Tommy, one of the animals who work at Nookling Junction, and he will give you a prize depending on what fortune you have. Emil R. doesn’t like paying off the monthly loan for his house. I asked Emil R., “Do you remember how much the first loan costs?” Emil R. said, “I don’t know. Wait! Probably like 58,000 or something.” Since Animal Crossing New Leaf came out on June 15, 2013, you can buy the game in stores like Target or Best Buy. Hope you have fun building your own town!animal crossing new leaf