9-0 is now 9-1

      The Kansas City Chiefs lost to the Denver Broncos, it was their first loss of the season. The score was 17-27. It started to get crazy at the end when Chiefs scored and the score was 20-17 and then Peyton Manning hands the ball off to the third string running back Montee Ball and he ran it for an 8 yard TD. And the chiefs had about 2 minutes to do something, they had to get a touchdown, 2point conversion, then get the onside kick and get downfield and kick the game winning field goal. Unfortunately they didn’t do that Derek Wolfe a broncos lineman tackles Alex smith ending the game. Then the broncos end the 9-0 streak and now both teams are 9-1 and Peyton Manning was hurt the whole game and he didn’t get touched by the chief’s defense because they knew that Peyton needed protection so the offensive lineman did their best to defend their great but hurt quarterback. But now the broncos have to keep their great streak going because Manning has a great rivalry with the New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. And the chiefs will play the Cleveland Browns and then play us in their hometown. We’ll see how that goes.