Natonal Sports Latest News Part 2

National Sports Latest News Part 2


     The Denver broncos, New Orleans saints, and the Kansas City chiefs are all of the teams in the NFL that are 5-0. Which teams will go to the super bowl?  A lot of people think that the saints and the broncos are going and the chiefs will choke and start losing. in my opinion the broncos quarterback Peyton Manning is the best quarterback in the league. He has the best stats in the league. He threw for 20 touchdowns in 5 games of the season, that’s the most in NFL history. To see some people’s thoughts I interviewed my dad. Let’s see what he has to say.  Football, wrestling, basketball, college volleyball, and college softball are his favorite sports. He likes these sports because of the contact and skill. The rock is his favorite wrestler, Sacramento kings is his favorite basketball team, Stanford for volleyball, and Florida gators for softball. “I think the Denver broncos are going to the super bowl versus the Indianapolis Colts.” He thinks there going because they have a good quarterback and a great team. Also Andrew luck went to Peyton manning camp as a kid and Peyton manning was also on the colts. Michael Jordan was his favorite basketball player because he grew up watching him on the Chicago bulls. MLB the As are playing the Detroit tigers and some people think that the As are going to the world series this year. WE WILL GET TO MLB A LITTLE MORE NEXT TIME!!!!!