LDV Costume Parade

costume parade pic

The costume parade is another fun event (mostly for the little kids in 1-3 grades) in October.  We celebrate Halloween by doing this fun event.  Mr. Androlowicz recommends that everyone should where a costume.  I asked him why we have the costume parade and he said, “Because the little kids love trick-or-treating, so we made an event for them to trick-or-treat at school before they trick-or-treat at night”.  Anyway if you are new to this school event, as a little kid you walk into each one of the middle school kid classes and walk near the big kids and hold out your bag and they give you FREE candy.  I also heard that some people are bringing smoke machines and other decorations.  You can bring other scary decorations unless it’s too scary for the little kids like hanging heads or anything bloody.

Since this event has already passed, I’m going to also write what happened in Mr.Androlowicz class.  The little kids were awesome looking, there was a Mario costume, a Steve from Minecraft, and a Halo costume (From the video game Halo).  I’m pretty sure the kids really freaked out from the scary music, the human skeleton, the electrifying ball, the live animals that they thought were fake, and the smoke machine.  So everybody have a great Halloween and especially dentists because it’s their favorite holiday.  Mwahahahahahahahah!