LDV Girls basketball

                   This week I interviewed Jody Kline he is the coach for the girl’s basketball team. Jody does not now if he was the coach since the beginning of the girls’ basketball team but he has been the coach for 8 years. The first few seasons that he was the coach were challenging because nobody knew anything about basketball or even how to dribble. I asked him how he felt after coming so close to winning the championships and he said he felt proud of the basketball team but he felt unfulfilled. I asked him if the girls’ team is prepared for the season and he said, “No because if you feel that you are totally prepared you will not prepare as hard in your daily preparation.  I asked him if Quiara and Camille would be ready for the season and he said hopefully. Jody was full of good information and he was my favorite person to interview so far. The girls team is working on offensive and defensive drills. They are also working on free throws and layups. Their practice is from 3:05 to 4:45.

                 The first game for LDV is against john still at john still. The game is on Tuesday November 5th girls start at 3:15 and the boys start at 4:30. Come and show your dolphin pride! ! !15114935-cartoon-illustration-of-a-girl-playing-basketball