SpongeBob SquarePants kid series

Hi folks it’s me Justine J. and talking about the hilarious kid series SpongeBob Square pants.  This show can be seen on Teen nick, and nickelodeon.  This show can be seen every hour on the hour.  This show is perfect for any age of any type of kids to watch and enjoy this show.  I’ve watched this show many times with my brother and even though it’s a kid show I highly recommend you to watch it with your family and friends.  If you are my age it might not be your favorite show, but it will get you interested.  I interviewed Ka’liyah D. and asked her about the kid series.  I asked her have you ever seen this show.  She said of course I love watching SpongeBob square pants.  The last question I asked her is  if you were under 7 would you watch this show and she said yes.  I personally love this show because it’s hilarious for all ages to watch and enjoy.   Thank you for listening and have a very nice day.  And you can listen to more of my posts next week.