Solar regatta club

Joe S. is starting a solar regatta club.  It is going to be a lot of fun.  They will be building an actual boat.  The club will be sponsored by smud and will race in a competition.  The boat will be big and driven by an actual person.  The boats are solar powered and the races can only be held on a sunny day.

I had an interview with Joe S. and this is what he said.  “I think that the solar regatta club will be popular, who wouldn’t want to build a boat!”  When I asked him when they will meat he said “Probably Wednesdays in November.”  It will probably be popular if the word gets out, we will need a team.  Our first race will be at Rancho Saco in May.  Rancho Saco is an old nuclear power plant.  We will be sponsored by smud but hopefully we can get others because the program is not cheap.

Solar regatta is actually a popular thing.  It has not been to Leonardo Da Vinci before.  There have been many races before.  There have been purely adult teams that compete in races as well.  Here is a link to the smud website,