Pandas: Cuddly Teddy Bears or Vicious Killers?

Do you think pandas are cute and cuddly or vicious killers? This may not be a question that you’re expecting but, lately there has been a big argument on whether or not pandas are mean or nice. Most people say their nice and very cute. But, there are some disagreements about pandas because some people say they are evil and are very dangerous creatures. Pandas are usually peaceful animals, but if their territory is upset or if they are provoked they will attack. In a zoo in Beijing a grumpy panda named GuGu, has attacked 3 people in this zoo, and one of them was drunken man who tried to hug him. When the panda bit him, the man defended himself by biting back. So, it’s true that pandas are aggressive. But, pandas are usually docile creatures, only if disturbed or irritated they will attack you so don’t disturb them in any way or they might kill you. Pandas are very cute and cuddly, but if they feel threatened in any way they will become a bloodthirsty animal that wants to tear you apart. Always be careful around pandas though because you never know when a wild animal will attack you. Pandas can be your best friend or your worst enemy!