The Harvest Hoe down was on Oct.25, 2013. It was at the back of the LDV were the parking lot is. It was a fundraiser for the LDV band. The parents and volunteers made this happen. I have interviewed people and asked them how it went. I asked a girl Joseline N. on how it went and she said “it went good but there was a gas leak and she did not like it because everyone started leaving but she still liked it because the games were fun for her.”   I also asked Mary H. she said “it was awesome except for the zippy people were really rude but overall it was fun.” And Natasha S. she said “it was not fun and she thinks that winter fair is better. And she didn’t think the games were fun.”  And a girl named Ka’Maree D. said “it was fun and the pie eating contest was fun to her because she won and it only took her a minute and thirty seconds to eat it and she won a $50 gift card for target.” I’m sure the Harvest Hoe Down was fun. Also I’m sure they have raised enough money for the band.

Aryanna R.harvest hoedoewn