World Series, NFL, NBA

epic sportsLet’s start this National sports news off talking about the 2013 World Series. It is the Boston Red Sox vs. the St. Louis Cardinals. I think that the Red Sox are going to win in game 7. My friend Ryver V. thinks that the cardinals are going to win in game 7. He thinks that because the cardinals have better pitching stats, hitting stats, etc. The player that standed out to me was David Ortiz because he has good form, stance and also he was a great hit. By the way the final game were the Red Sox won was in the Red Sox stadium, so maybe they had home field advantge.Now let’s get to the NFL. The Kansas City Chiefs are the only team in the NFL that is undefeated. The chiefs have a great running game; they have Jamaal Charles who is in the top 5 running backs in the NFL. They also have the ex-quarterback from the San Francisco 49ers, Alex Smith. I think he is doing good because he wants to show the 49ers what he can do instead of Colin Kaepernick,(the quarterback for 49ers.) the 49ers are 6-2. They do have a chance of making it to the playoffs. Again this year. The Denver Broncos have the best quarterback in the league, Peyton Manning. He is one of the best of all time. On a little side note I do fantasy football and I have Peyton Manning as my starting quarterback and he has over 200 fantasy points. Now back to the NFL he has a great team because all of his receivers are some of the best in the league. The NBA has starting its regular season. The first game was the Miami Heat vs. Chicago Bulls. The Heat won 95-107. Heat was the NBA champions 2 years in a row started last year so it was kind of obvious they were going to win. My favorite team is the Los Angeles Lakers, even though they didn’t have their star player Kobe Bryant they still managed to win knowing how important it was. That’s all for today if you liked this article please slap that like button!!!