The Golden State Warriors signed a contract?

First of all the Golden State Warriors are a professional basketball team based on Oakland, California. They are part of the Pacific Division which is part of the Western Division and then part of the NBA. Now, on October the 25 they decided to sign a contract with a man named Andrew Bogut to a multi-year contract extension. Per the team’s policy, the terms of the agreement weren’t announced. Beyond this point the Golden State Warriors were very happy that that for now on Andrew was going to be their center as they will continue to progress as a team which said their general mayor Bob Myers. Andrew makes a great skill set that makes a great fit with other core pieces to help assemble our Roster. He established himself as a part of one of the premier centers in the NBA and he is only 28 years old. Now he is a leader on their team and was a key part of last year’s playoff run. They had signed the contract because the coach was seen in action and was considered a part of last year’s playoff success. They also signed the contract in order to get a new premier center. So for now on in the season, Andrew Bogut will be their center and the Golden State Warriors are happy with it, well, at least so far they are enjoying it.

Fan Interview

            So for my interview I decided to interview another one of my cousins and her name is Anabell G. and she likes watching sports. So, she knew the team so I decided to interview her. First of all I asked her how she felt about them signing that contract; she then said that she felt fine if they were happy. Then the next question was that, “Were you happy when they had to switch to another center?” She said that she doesn’t care where they go; she will go anywhere to see them. She is one of those fans that travel anywhere to see different kinds of sports.