Student council is already making a change to this Leonardo da Vinci school.

student_council_pins Student council kids have been selling candy grams during school and after school while they are doing that they are thinking of more ways to improve the school. They are going to be starting more fundraisers since candy grams have just got done. I asked Grant the treasure what the next fundraiser is going to be and he said “That he does not know what the next fundraiser is going to be.“ but when he figures it out I’m sure it will be fun and make a lot of money for field trips and class supplies.” This week’s spirit days are,
 Tuesday: Red Ribbon Day and crazy sock day (wear red and your crazy socks.)
 Wednesday: Pajama Day (wear your favorite PJs.)
 Thursday: Costume Parade (for Halloween.)
 Friday: Breast Cancer Awareness Week (wear pink.)

Hopefully people dress up because that’s what the point is for these sprit days. All of these spirit days are taking place this week at Leonardo da Vinci. When we do these spirit days it’s very fun. The spirit day I like the most is the costume parade because we might see some scary things during the parade.