Canned Food Drive

    The Canned food drive is an activity that we do at Leonardo Da Vinci. Now this event is when all the students collect as many cans to feed the hungry. The student body is saying that they would like it if every kid brought five cans or more. They also said that if a kid brings in five cans they get a raffle ticket and if they bring five more cans they get another raffle ticket. So with every five cans you get a raffle ticket and if you win the raffle you get a pizza party. But the can collecting is ending November 14th and Mr. Sirard said “ if you turn in cans you get … Extra Credit!!!!” So this is for middle school only, but still!!! Also we do competitions some times. Once we had a competition against the capitol it was the fifth graders of 2011 and we won now we even have a signed letter by the governor! So you can tell that this is a big event and we would like over 1000 cans at the end of this collection.  So let’s collect those cans and get over that one thousand cans to feed the hungry.  🙂