Newest pop about female singers

Today I’m writing about a beautiful singer named Rihanna. Rihanna is a 25 year old singer, fashion designer, and actress. But mainly she makes music more than fashion and acting. She has made more than 5 albums that are very successful. Some songs are “pour it up”, “shut up and drive”, “where have you been”, and “take care”. Rihanna has made so many great songs. My favorite ones would be “S.O.S”, “where have you been”, and “cake (ft. Chris brown)”. For this topic I interviewed Jayla P. about Rihanna. I asked her “what do you think of Rihanna?” Jayla said “she’s alright, she made a few good songs I like” then I asked her “what is your favorite song from her?” Jayla said that she has many songs that are okay. But the ones she likes are “Diamonds”, and “we found love”. I like those songs too. If you really love Rihanna, you can see her at her next concert in the Pepsi Center in Denver, CO on November 9,2013 at 8 pm. If you really love Rihanna’s music, you will come from all the way where you live to Denver just to see Rihanna. Rihanna’s manager makes these concerts to let people have a chance to see Rihanna, and watch her sing the songs that people love. This concert will require to have a lot of people buy tickets for the concert. Stay tuned in for the next artist about their background and their concert dates.