What are middle schoolers favorite events?

Events are some of the greatest things that happen at schools, for students and for adults; the events make a fun time for everyone. We should try to make these fun events happen though by making money to buy everything. School events are a happy time for students because they give students a chance to get a fun time at school. Events are like a culture of school; it’s like you need them to even want to go to school. When these events pop up you can’t wait for them to happen and you just count down the days you are waiting for these amazing events. These events are called Harvest Hoedown, Winter Faire, and Costume Parade. Most of them are fun and enjoyable but some are very boring. Middle school students really like these events because it helps them get out of homework and going home, looking forward to nothing.  So, what are middle school student’s favorite school events and least favorite school events? Well, today we will be learning what all the middle school students think about all these crazy school events. Just kidding we won’t.