Pretty little liars

Hi folks It’s me again , Justine J., and I’m starting an entire new category about new fall movies and shows around the school asking people about new season of Pretty Little Liars.  I interviewed Natasha S. on the show.  The first question I asked her was what her favorite character was and she said “Hannah and Emily.”  I then asked her what was her favorite episode and she said “ the homecoming episode were Hannah almost got killed.”  I also asked her why she likes the show and she said “because you never know what’s going to happen(suspenseful).”  I then asked her 1 out of 10 what would you give it and she said “10.”  The last question I asked her was If you could change lives with anyone from the show who would it be sand she said “Spencer(girl).”  Personally I think this show is a very good and entertaining show for pre- teens and teenagers.  My favorite part is when they find out who the killer is and why he was killing all of those innocent people.  I would not prefer kids under 14 to watch this show because there is a bit of romance in this show and it is a little intense.