More School Sport


  I asked the middle school students what are some new sports that you want to come to the ldv. I gave them the choice of volleyball, track, baseball, tennis, and field hockey. Tennis got 6 votes. volley ball and track tied with 4. Baseball had 3 and field hockey got 2 votes.

                As you can see tennis won the majority of people liked tennis. If we can raise money and find a coach we can have any one of these sports. Sports cost a lot more money than people think because you have to buy equipment and fields. If we did have a tennis team we would have to fundraise and they would have to go somewhere else to practice. Volleyball or track would cost the least because ldv already have the nets and balls and track you only need your legs. For field hockey it would cost a lot because we need the sticks and an indoor facility with really short grass.  Baseball would cost a lot more than you think because we need to fix all the holes and we need to by jerseys for all of the players.  For all of these sports we will have to fundraise a lot. If you want any one of these sports you will have to go to Ms. Davis and discuss who will be the coach along with fundraising