Harvest Hoedown Cancled ??!!

   Will the harvest hoe down be canceled? People are asking why and it’s because there aren’t enough parents volunteering!!!!!! Starting just last week there were only a handful of parents volunteering but now, the sheets are almost filled. I went to go check the sheets and there are quite a few spaces left, 85 to be exact, so come on parents let’s get those sheets filled and hours done! Now will the band fundraiser be canceled? What will happen!? Now we found out that the Harvest Hoedown will not be canceled because the parents are filling out the papers for this. People were upset when they heard this , but when they heard the good news they were relieved. Everyone loves the harvest hoe down because it has the famous Macarena dance, also they have cake walks, and laser tag, jump houses, and the Velcro wall with many more things every year, also there is food and prizes!!!!!!!! So now let’s get those sheets filled out and THANK YOU TO THE  PARENTS  WHO ALREADY VOLUNTEERED!  Mrs. Nakayama said that if the harvest hoe down was to be canceled the band wouldn’t be able to buy music, instruments and other things to go towards band. They are hoping they will be able to buy new instruments.  This event takes place Oct. 25 4:00-7:30.harvest hoe down