Harvest Hoedown at LDV by fluffinmcmuffin

As all of you know, the Harvest Hoedown is one of the most exciting events at LDV.  Harvest Hoedown starts on October 25th at 4:00 pm-7:30 pm.  At the outdoor event there is jumping houses, rock climbing, lazer tag, game stands, and my favorite part, THE FOOD.  The Harvest Hoedown is an event for every one of all ages.  Some of the other stuff there is the cake walk and the donut wire.  At the cake walk you walk in a circle with these boxes next to you and when the music stops you stop walking and reach into the box, if you pull out and get the lucky number you win an awesome cake.  Next is the donut wire, at the donut wire they hang a donut on a wire (of course) and the first to eat the donut of the wire wins nothing.  The newest game is the pie eating contests where you have eat the pie the fastest.  Some of the food and drinks are pizza, hotdogs, cotton candy, pork sliders, soda and water. Note: we need more volunteers or else the harvest hoedown will be canceled, please help out the harvest hoedown!!!!