The Los Angeles Lakers!!!

The Los Angeles Lakers are a professional American basketball league that is located in Los Angeles, CA. They play in the Pacific Division also part of the Western Conference in the NBA. They play all of their home games in the Staples Center which they also share with the Los Angeles Clippers, and The Los Angeles Kings in the NHL, and finally the Los Angeles Sparks of the WNBA. This team is one of the best and most successful teams yet. The Forbes estimated what the team was worth and he estimated about one billion, they were accounted as the second most valuable team in the NBA.

When the Franchise Began

It all started with the purchase of a disbanded team in the year of 1947 which was named the Detroit Gems in the NBL. They moved to Minneapolis and got named the Minneapolis Lakers which is also land of ten thousand lakes. They won five championships in Minneapolis in the center of George Makin. After his retirement the team finally relocated to Los Angeles. A special thanks to the Hall of Famers who are Eglin Bayer and Jerry West, the team made it to the Los Angeles NBL finals over five times but kept losing to the Boston Celtics. In 1972 they got a new head coach which was Bill Sharman. After the Wilt Chamberlain retired they had to go to another stadium called Karrem Abdul-Jabbar which actually had won as MVP but could not make the finals in the 1970’s. They had to then be named Showtime because they had so much success. The team struggled after they had lost their Hall of Fame coach before they were able to acquire Shaquille O’Neal or Kobe Bryant in the great year of 1996. And then they led to another Hall of Famer coach named Phil Jackson. They had the longest winning streak in the NBA winning thirty-three consecutive games set during 1971 through 1972.


What is Happening Now?

Their last two games were versus the Kings and the Golden State Warriors and their score was 86 to 104 against the Kings, then their score was 95 to 100 against the Golden State Warriors and had lost both of the games. Those games were Oct. 10 and 15, their next two games are versus the Utah Jazz in October the 22nd and 25th. Today, October the 16th, the Lakers will be going to China to play a team over there and they don’t know what to expect in the trip.  The Lakers are struggling because Kobe Bryan tore his Achilles and he is out for most of the season, last year Steve Nash and Dwight Howard joined the team.


lakers                Fan Interview


So this time I had interviewed my brother-in-law Juan since he knows so much about basketball, I asked him if he knew the team I was using for my essay, and as a matter a fact he actually did. He said it’s not his favorite team, but he is a good fan. Then I started to ask him various questions, my first one was if how did he find out about them and he said he once saw them on TV and liked the way they played. Then my next question was why he did like them when he saw them and he said that they had very good sportsmanship and used team work. And for my final question was that how would you feel if you were on their team, and he said that I would be nervous all the time about playing other teams in all over the world from the best teams to the worst teams in the entire world like Japan, Kansas, Oklahoma, and teams such as the Kings and the Golden State Warriors, Utah Jazz and many others that he would be very nervous of playing because he would not be as good as all the players in his team or the other teams if he was to actually play with the Los Angeles Lakers.