So all the LDV students are aware that LDV has an abundant amount of Spirit Days throughout the year . Some spirit days that we have include: Crazy hat day, Crazy sock day, Pajama day , Sports day, Neon day , and a few more . Personally my favorite Spirit day is Pajama day because you get to be very comfortable all day!

I went around asking a few people that go to LDV what they want as spirit day or what their favorite spirit day was and this is what I came across:

Lydia said “Her favorite spirit day is Pajama Day because you don’t have to get dressed in the mornings. “

Joseph said “If he could make up a spirit day he would make Game Day and that is where you play video games and sports all day.”

Seth said “His favorite spirit day is Pajama Day. “

Ruby said “If I could make a spirit day I would make a Crazy Clothes day.”

Well these are just some of the spirit day ideas, there are a lot more out there. If you have any ideas or questions you should talk to the student council members and they might just be the person to help you with your ideas or questions!