Elections are over!!!!!!!!!

And the winners are….. Dylan A. for president, Eva for Vice President, Grant for treasure, and Mikayla C. for secretary!!My opinion on who won. I like all of them and I think they can make a nice change to the school and make improvements to make the school better. I asked Grant the treasure how he felt about winning and how is he going to try to raise money for the school and he said “He feels awesome and he had fun and had a great competition. Get ready for more fund raisers because that’s what he is going to do he’s going to bring fundraisers like candy grahams and in the candy grahams for Halloween with candy eyeballs back and like bake sales he is going to have stuff like bread, muffins, cakes, pies and, cupcakes, nacho sales just with nacho cheese jalapenos and chili beans and the most important thing chips, and soda sales and an everything sale and he said he will even sale me. I think it is great with him bringing more candy grahams to this school so we can have some extra money for the school in case a class needs it for a field trip!!