Halloween, one of the best times of the year. Not including Christmas and Easter. Halloween is fun because of all the candy.  Also because you get to dress up and scare people. Like your brother or your sister or even the people you don’t like. Anyone can dress up, from 1 years old, to 1000000000000000 years it does not matter. Also people throw parties for Halloween. Like the one that they throw at LDV. Most of them are dancing with scary music and lots of food. There are also scary movies like Insidious, or the movie called Halloween whit Michael Myers, and the best of all hocus pocus. And with this you can get your favorite costume from your favorite movie. I interviewed lots of people and Xavier m zombie skeleton. Quinn s is going to have a horse head from what does the fox say. One them other thing you do is you can decorate your house. You can make it scary or you can make it funnier, it does not matter. Also you can make your house in to a haunted house. Where people can walk through and people. For some reason people pay money to get scared, maybe it is for the excitement I don’t know, but I like them. They also hold them at amusement parks. Like knots berry farm, around Halloween it turns in to knots scary farm. Also six flags and lots of other places. This concludes my favorite holiday, Halloween. If you liked this post , like the post, thank you.