The legends of music years ago

Today I’m writing about a legend that was shot 18 years ago. His name was Tupac Shakur. His music is still played everywhere. He started from the bottom, unlike drake. His family was poor, so Tupac joined a dance group called digital background, which led him to success of being an amazing rapper. Unlike nowadays artists Li’l Wayne and Drake, Tupac didn’t make music about inappropriate things, or stupid things. He made music about the problems about the inner cities, and what some people had to go through. Tupac also made music about his life, about how it was when he was a kid. Tupac has made over 13 successful albums and these albums are always available on ITunes. My favorite ones would have to be, “All eyez on me”, “R U still down?”, and “Pac’s Life”. I interviewed my friend Ti’Ana L. during lunch break. I asked her “what do you like about Tupac’s music?” Ti’Ana said “I like that he is creative with his music, and not a wannabe of anybody. He really knows how to share his story in songs, and the problems in the world. Then I asked her “what’s a song you really like from Tupac?” Ti’Ana said “I don’t really listen to his music, but my Favorite song from Tupac would be “Do for love”. I like that song too. My favorite songs from Tupac would be “Hail Mary” and “California love”. This song was the last he made before he died. Tupac is one of the greatest music legends in times, and will always be remembered by everyone that loves his music. Stay tuned in for the next music artist.