HARVEST Hoe Down Canceled

  • clipart-pumpkinFirst the harvest hoe down was going to be canceled because not enough volunteers. So they were going to wait till Friday because that’s when they will find out if they will have the Harvest Hoe Down. But if the Harvest Hoe Down is canceled there will be no more band because the Harvest Hoe Down is a fundraiser for band. But now I have found out that The Harvest Hoe Down is not canceled because now there is enough parents who volunteered to help out. Now people are looking forward to the Harvest Hoe Down. I got some opinions form the band people. Marry H. said, “that she felt good that it was not canceled.” And Joseline N. said “that she was very excited about the Harvest Hoe Down not being canceled.”  And Mathew A. said “that it was awesome that it was not canceled.” Sarah C.  said that “she feels excited for the pie contest.” And my opinion is that I’m happy that it was not canceled because I enjoy the Harvest Hoe Down its really fun and a lot to do.   


–        Aryanna R.