One of the Most Addicting Games Ever

Yes, it is one of the most addicting games ever!! No, I’m not talking about Candy Crush Saga (I don’t like that game). This very addicting game is called Cookie Clicker, a game where you just click a cookie and you keep clicking it. You can buy buildings that auto-click to get cookies for you. Some of the buildings or “upgrades” that you can buy are cursors (Cursors costs15 cookies and auto-clicks the cookie every ten seconds), Grandmas (Grandmas cost 100 cookies and produces 0.5 cookies per second), and Farms (Farms cost 500 cookies and produces 4 cookies per second). Sometimes, milk shows up on the screen and when you dip it, it will give you something special like an extra 1,000 cookies per second for 10 seconds. Since I am sick and didn’t want to get anyone else sick, I interviewed Luca I. once again (I got Luca and my mother sick). I asked him, “What are a few words that come to your head when I say Cookie Clicker?” Luca I. said, “It’s simple, but very addicting. I really like the fact that the game runs in the background while you do other random stuff like watch YouTube or play Minecraft.” Both Luca I. and I have the android version of Cookie Clicker, which is very nice to have because while your device is in “sleep mode”, the app still runs in the background and you might wake up to millions of cookies. Luca I. wishes that the achievements were easier to get because most of the achievements are hard to get such as buying 100 Antimatter Condensers on the PC version or buy 100 Clone Factories on the Android/iOS version. I asked Luca I., “Why do you think Cookie Clicker is so addicting?” Luca I. said, “Probably because you just have to click the cookie.” Cookie Clicker is a mindless game even a 3 year old can do. If you’re bored and don’t know how to pass time, get Cookie Clicker!cookie clicker