School Basketball

Girls Basketball team

Natasha S-M.             Emma R.                Tymiko P.

Quiara W.                  Kaylee K.                 Gen C.

Camile D.                  Heaven S-M.           Justine J.

Kaliyah D.                 Nay C.                       Simone J.

Cece G.

            I interviewed a veteran of the boys’ basketball team.  He has been on the team for 2 years and his name is Luissciano. I asked him if the boys could win the championships this year he said, “Yes I have total faith in my team” most of the new players have a lot of potential but some of them need to work on something like layups. Luissciano said that his injury helped him because he broke his right arm so he was forced to use his bad hand he got his left hand stronger. 

            In practice the boys are working with the girls on their press offense and defense. The boys are working on there layups. They need a lot of work on there layups.