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Rapper Aubrey drake graham who goes by his stage name “Drake”, sure has made his dream. After starting on the teen sitcom “Degrassi” as “wheelchair Jimmy”, he became very successful to become a rapper. Another popular rapper that goes by the name “Li’l Wayne” signed drake to a record label and that’s how he became a successful rapper. Drake has made five amazing albums but his most successful album was “take care” including the most hit songs “the motto”, “headlines”, and “take care (feat. Rihanna)” Drake has made many good songs back in 2010, when he was just starting to become a rapper. His amazing songs were “find your love”, “Aston martin music”, “over”, and “fall for your type”. I interviewed my friend Jayla P. I asked her “what do you think of drake’s music?” Jayla said “he’s a good rapper, but he cusses too much, good thing they have clean versions of most of his songs” then I asked her “do you like any of drake’s songs?” Jayla said that she likes his song “started from the bottom”, and “find your love.” I like those songs too! But my favorite ones would have to be “over” and “find your love”. Stay tuned for music in the next article!!