Horror films to watch during HALLOWEEN




Hi I’m Justine J. and I’m here to tell you about spooky Halloween movies to watch around this time.   I’ve gone around school asking people some spooky Halloween movies to watch.  It came across me that most people chose the movie Now You See Me.  I interviewed Emma R. Her favorite part was when he says you always got to be the smartest in the room.   I asked her what her favorite character was and she said” The four Horseman”.  I then asked why do you like this movie and she said “because it’s funny and suspenseful.”   She said she wouldn’t prefer  little kids to watch this movie.  I finally asked her 1 of 10 what would you give this movie and she said,” definitly a  10.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             – Justine J