October is breast cancer awareness month.  Did you know that 1 in 8 woman will be diagnosed in her lifetime?  When caught in the early stages 1 and 2, the survival rate is 98% but when caught in the later stages 3, and 4, the survival rate drops drastically.  Every 3 minutes, a woman will be diagnosed with breast cancer in the US and every 13 minutes, a woman will die of breast cancer in the US.  Breast cancer has the largest group of survivors.  Luckily, we have companies that are trying to stop breast cancer like Susan G. Komen.  The have raised millions of dollars for breast cancer research with their many events like Race for the Cure.  This is a 5k 10k race to help spread awareness for breast cancer. This next race is May 10, 2014.  You can create a team, read survivor stories, and do your part to end breast cancer at  With your help; we can end breast cancer for good.

Today I had a question and answer interview with Shannon Bowley, development manager for Susan G. Komen Sacramento affiliate.

Q-how do you like working for Komen?

A-I love working for Komen.  I started in January 2013, just as we were gearing up for the Race for the Cure.


Q- What was your first task at Komen?

      A-  Securing sponsors for the Race for the Cure.


Q- What is your biggest event?

A-To date, the Race for the Cure is our biggest event


Q- What time of the year is the race held?

A-The race is held the Saturday before mother’s day every year.


Q- Is breast cancer awareness month busy for you?

A-Yes, it is very busy because many groups want to raise money and it’s my job to help them do it.  I love my job!

Q- What is your advice to women about breast cancer?

A-Follow the advice of your doctor, get checked, and learn how to check yourself.  If you ever find anything that you have a question about, never ever be afraid to ask because the answer may save your life. 

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