all about harvest hoedown


The harvest hoedown is a festival that is held at LDV every year. They have different things that we do every year. From jump houses to cake walks. My preference to the harvest hoedown is that it is one of my favorite festivals of the year. Allot of people like the harvest hoedown.  It is meant for all ages. I’ve come since kindergarten and know I’m in 7th grade. There are so many festivals.  The band holds the harvest hoedown every year.  And the students in band work and also the parents can sign up too. We need people to sign up because not a lot of people have been signing up. SO SIGN UP OR THE HARVEST HOEDOWN MIGHT NOT HAPEN THIS YEAR!!!!! Kids can also sign up even if you’re not in band. I’m going to sign up this year and hopefully next year too.