The Oakland Athletics!

The Oakland Athletics are a Major League Baseball Team that is based in Oakland, California. They are members of the Western Division which is also part of the MLB’s American League. Since 1968 to now the team has been playing in the Oakland Coliseum ever since they have moved to Oakland. They have won the World Series championships and they are the third best in the entire MLB. One of the American League’s eight charter franchises, the club got founded in 1901 in the state of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as the Philadelphia Athletics. They had some success in Philadelphia by winning three out of four World Series from the year of 1910 to the year of 1913 and got two in a row from 1929 to 1930. For about fifty years the team’s coach was Connie Mack, his Hall of Fame players included Chief Bender, Frank Baker aka “home runner”, Jimmy Fox and then Lefty Groove.

They left in 1955 and moved to Kansas City changing their name to Kansas City Athletics. After the thirteen worst seasons they ever had in the Midwest, they finally moved to Oakland in the year of 1968. Their destiny soon had emerged and they had won three World Champions in a row. After the team once again had got sold, to a person named Walter A. Hass, they had eventually had to win three consecutive pennants and then when the 1989 World Series came, they had also won that with most of the help from the players, Dennis Eckersley and Rickey Henderson because they were the Hall Of Famers. They have most often been playoffs contenders, but they have not been to a world series since like the 1990’s. In 2002, they had won twenty games in a row and had broken the AL record as it was shown in the film that was named Moneyball. The movie and the book that was based with the movie showed how the A’s were able to compete and thrive due to their financial limitations.


Fan Interview

Well, last time I interviewed my cousin Santiago for the Kings, but I discovered this week that my cousin Cesar is a good fan of the A’s and I was surprised. He just likes that they have great sportsmanship and work together, that’s most likely why they won like twenty games in a row one time. I asked him if he would join the team if he could and his response was,
“I would join it, but they are like professionals and I am like an intermediate player.” My second question was that how would he feel if the team hated him and he said, “I would never be a good fan like I was if I was hated.” He just enjoys watching their games and also playing baseball.

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