What are people’s favorite teachers?

Who are your favorite teachers? Well, I went to interview some students in first period. I was surprised when one of the people said, “I have no favorite teachers at all.” So let’s see these interviews results.

I asked Grant G in first period, who his favorite teachers   are. Grant said, “My favorite teachers are Mr. Sirard and    Mr. Androlowicz.  After I interviewed Grant, I went to   interview Emma R. She said, “I don’t like any of the   teachers.” Lastly, I had to interview Tyler S. and he said,   “Mr. Sirard and Mr.Maltby are my two favorite teachers.  I would have to say mine would be Mr. Androlowicz and Mr. Sirard.


So, who are your favorite teachers? How much do you like that teacher? I hope you thought about it during this article. So, next time you see your favorite teacher, say, “WASSUP,” and tell them that they are your favorite teacher.