The Middle School News With Mrs. Ballard









ballardMrs. Ballard says “she loves working with middle school kids”. She said that middle school is really fun. She also told me the people running for president are Carlos Garcia, Billy T., Dylan Anderson. The people running for Vice President are Matthew Allin, Kiki Walker, Kaylee Kazee and Eva Anders. People running for secretary are Mikayla Chalios. People running for Treasurer are Grant Greenlow Aiadan Fraser, and Kayliyah Donald. Mrs. Ballard also said that she loves working with the little kids but she says the little kids are so hard to punish she just wants to give them a hug and say don’t do that again. Mrs. Ballard says the basketball teams are going to be very competitive. Mrs. Ballard is a very good assistant principal and I hope she has a great year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!