School Basketball

School Basketball

boys basketball team

Jaquory G.

Joseph A.

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Davion D.

Jie Hao H.

Russel B.

Tyler C.

Jason G.

Grant G.

Gabriel L.

Brian P.

Zack S.

Luscciano G.

Joshua G J.

Ian N.



I interviewed Natasha a veteran from the girls’ basketball team. I asked her if they could win the championship she said “they could win the championship if they stay positive and work hard.” She said the team is not better than last year but if they work had they could get. She thinks the girls team has some good rookies. I asked Natasha about how she feels about Tymiko on the injured reserve list she is not happy and she said she should not have been wearing Kobes because they do not have ankle reinforces.

Both basket ball teams are striving for the championships. both teams are working hard in practice and waiting for the season to start so they can kick butt.