what does the amazing positon of Student Body Presedent mean

What does the title student body president really mean?  We are here to answer this exact question.

Quinn S. and Diego G. go on an epic adventure to find the answers to the questions of the galaxies.  We walked through the LDV campus.  We interviewed many people and this is what they said, Grant G. says “I think that student body president is a position of power and many responsibilities. “This was a very deep and well thought out comment from your friendly neighborhood Grant.  But out interviews did not stop there oh no, we went in depth in our interviews.  We ARE NOT SLACKERS!  We have come to the conclusion that you need to be devoted, and motivated.  Confident , proud of their beloved School.  Aiden F. quotes “being student body president requires a lot of authority, time, and commitment. You need to be serious and not fool around.”  He was a very helpful source of minor details and commitment.  Aidan Y. says “being a student body president looks good on a college application.”  Wise word coming from and octopus, he was very helpful. Randy of the LDV staff says “a student body president has to be positive, has to have a level of charisma.  They have to really love the school at the rallies.”  He goes to a lot of the rallies and was a main source of info in this article.