The Kings!


The kings are a professional basketball team that are based on Sacramento, California, United States. They are currently members of the Pacific Division which is also in the Western Conference which is also in the NBA also known as the National Basketball Association. They used to be called the Rochester Royals when they were a team based on Rochester New York. The team was then officially put professionally in the NBL in 1945. After that ,the team became a part of the newly formed NBA because of the result of the year 1949’s absorption of the NBL by the BAA. The Rochester Royals were often very successful on the court like winning the NBA in 1951. They had very much trouble turning a profit in the small market of Rochester ,and that’s why the team got relocated once again to a place called Cincinnati, Ohio. That is how their name became the Cincinnati Royals in the year of 1957. Then after that the team got relocated again to Kansas City, Missouri and got their name changed to the Kansas City Kings. They failed to look for success in its market again and that is where it all started in Sacramento. Right after the San Antonio Spurs had lost in the 2013 NBA finals, the Kings were the only team ever to never franchise in an NBA finals.


The day that The Kings started in Rochester, New York ,known as the semi-pro Rochester Seagrams from that year of 1942-1943 and the Rochester Pros from 1943-1945. Between the year of 1920 and 1940 many strict pro operations had folded, but even though, the sponsored Seagrams stayed afloat as the other teams fell wayside to the Great Depression. The Royals won the NBA in 1951 by winning to the New York Knincks by 4 games to 3. Even though they won their title didn’t change into profit. Many teams in the NBA were moving to a larger city, but the Royals still did not get profit. Meanwhile the entire NBA was putting all the pressure on a man named Harrison also known as the owner of the Royals, they told him that they wanted him to move his team away to a larger city. Him with this in mind, the 1956-1957 season was the Royals’ last in Rochester. The Royals 12-year stay in Rochester made 12 members of their team become a person on the Wall Of Fame like pro football players.

What Had Currently Happened To The Kings?

Right now currently the Kings are having a trouble of thinking of moving to another place and leaving Sacramento, Cal. , they are very eye-teary. Many big fans have been trying to help the Sacramento Kings stay in Sacramento. Well there is a saying ,”If you can’t beat them, join them”. We had a welcome party and now we have to make a fair well party, if they hadn’t of lost that last season’s game of them vs. the Los Angeles Lakers they would of had the requirement to stay in Sacramento. The Maloof family also known as the owners of the Kings is showing their case to relocate the franchise to Anaheim, Calif. Phil Jackson and the rest of the Lakers have been haunting the Kings through the years since they were barely beating them and made them relocate. The Kings coach told seven players to shake the adoring crowds hands, most of the crowd was screaming for the Kings to stay even though they couldn’t. Actually everybody thought the Kings were first going to L.A. , and many other places but it was decided that they were to stay where they actually belong. Where they destiny had first started and that place is Sacramento, California.

 A Kings Fan Interview

My cousin Santiago is one of the biggest fans of the Sacramento Kings, he loves basketball and wishes he was part of the team. He seriously knows everything about them and knows all the players. I asked him that if he ever became part of the team how would he react and he said, “ I would be very happy but also worried at the same time because I don’t know what they would think of me.” He’s always just keeping up with the news of their team. I asked him if what he would do if the Kings had to relocate and he said, “I would be the most sad person in the world.” For all I know he is just a big fan of the Sacramento Kings.