New Games and Consoles That are Sweeping the Nation

There are many games and video game consoles that are coming out soon like Pokémon X and Y, the Nintendo 2DS and Xbox One consoles. Minecraft is a very popular game and is getting better with the Minecraft 1.7 Update with new biomes, new flowers, new fish and much more. Minecraft Pocket Edition is also getting a new update somewhere near the next month or so. Minecraft Pocket Edition doesn’t have the same features like Minecraft PC, but it’s getting very close with the 0.8.0 Pocket Edition update which includes rails, powered rails, mine carts, sideways logs, Redstone (Redstone will not be able to use until the 0.9.0 update).  I interviewed Luca I., a fan and player of Minecraft who goes to LdV.  I asked him, “What would you want to see in the new 0.8.0 update for Pocket Edition?” Luca I. said, “I want to see enchanting, fishing, dungeons and mineshafts, caves, endermen. Umm let me think for a minute. I want to see boats and infinite worlds. And they need jukeboxes and villages.” He thinks the update should come out on December 25 to celebrate the new release and Christmas. Luca I. has been waiting a long times for Mojang, the creators of Minecraft, to add the features that are currently in Minecraft PC and Minecraft Xbox. He believes that enchanting is the number one thing that Minecraft Pocket Edition needs as of right now. I asked Luca I., “What is one special feature that you want to be added that is only for Minecraft Pocket Edition?” Luca I. said, “I was thinking of new biomes like biomes made out of colored wool.” Both Luca I. and I are hoping for the best for Mojang to keep improving Minecraft Pocket Edition, Minecraft PC, and Minecraft Xbox.Minecraft 1.7 Snapshot