Time to celebrate free candy and for the parents classic movies with friends  and family.  The most popular movie everyone is talking about is the Nightmare Before Christmas.  I went around school itreviewing people about it.  I interviewed Ryver V. during 1st period and asked him what is his favorite  movie would he watch around the time of halloween. He said “My favorite movie around this time is Nightmare Before Christmas.”  I also asked him why he likes the movie and he quoted”I like this movie because its awesome and all the people in the movie are clay.   I then asked him if he happens to like clay movies and he  said yes.  Ryver likes this movie becaue it combines Halloween and Christmas.  His favorite character in this movie is thje Boogie man .  The last question I asked him was out of 10, what would his rating be for the movie and he said around the 9.8 area.

-Justine J.