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Singing sensation Ariana Grande is living the life and has found her way to number one! Even since her album Yours Truly came out, she sold over 180,000 copies and is the number one album on iTunes in almost every country. Most of these songs on Ariana’s album are about a young girl finding love. This album includes the infamous hit “The way” (feat. Mac miller), and “Baby I”. The tunes in the songs on the album are like a 1950’s R&B beat to it. Over instagram, I interviewed a huge fan of Ariana named Morgan. I asked her “what do you think of Ariana’s album?” Morgan said “it’s amazing, I love this album so much! She has a beautiful voice, like Mariah Carey! Also, she shows in her voice how she feels. She is just amazing, she has made it, really made it. She followed her dreams and is now on tour singing songs and making music that she enjoys making.” I also asked her “what’s your favorite song on the album?” Morgan said that her favorite song is piano because she loves how the beat is, and the lyrics. My last question was “do you hope Ariana makes more albums?” Morgan said “yes! I hope she keeps making more and more music!” I couldn’t agree more. I’m a huge Ariana fan myself. I love all the songs on the album, I have it on my IPod. My favorite song would be “You’ll never know”. It describes about a boy who had told her how he felt about her, but it was too late. It tells how she has moved on with somebody else and what they could’ve been if he hadn’t told her so late. Now he’ll never know. Another favorite song is “Right there”. It includes the rapper Big Sean. She tells that she will always be right there for him, as long as you don’t change. I hope Ariana Grande will take it to the next level with her music.Ariana_Grande_-_Yours_Truly_(Album_Cover)