Got Questions?? With Your Friendly Neighborhood Advice Columnist

I’m the new advice columnist. I will be excepting questions all week and every week. You can find the posters around the middle school hallways. You can submit questions in the box in Diane’s office. The box will be labeled, “Advice Questions.” You can choose to be anonymous or show your name. It will be anonymous under the name, “Sparkle Cupcakes.” I will try to answer most questions, and if I don’t answer your question one week I will try to answer it next week. Please no fake or inappropriate questions. Thank you.
Some questions about the school are: “Why do we have to take CSTs?” Asked anonymous. Well the answer to that is because it shows the teachers and high schools how you progressed and where your in the subjects. Another question is, “Why did we get the new VP Ms. Ballard?” Asked anonymous. I think because there is a need for someone to be watching over the middle school hallways. We are getting to the age where we are always acting out. We need some more control. Next question, “Why did Mr. Croft leave?” Asked anonymous. Because he was only a temporary, long term substitute. He got a new job at McClatchy. Those are some questions I got.