From collecting our research, we came to the conclusion that the costumes get more complicated as the grades increase.  We go from a cheerleader in the first grade to a pink morph dude in seventh grade.  The costumes also get more unique as the grades increase. I believe the most interesting costume was the pink morph dude and the most original costume was the dog and Dorothy.  We also observed that many children of all ages didn’t know what they wanted to be for Halloween.  Vampires and cats were a big theme for costumes throughout the grade levels for this year. As you can see we have a list below of some of the various costumes throughout these grades. 


1st grade

  • Girls-cheerleader, Dorothy, bat girl.
  • Tin tin, ninja turtle, sonic

3rd grade

  • Girls-witch, vampire cat, dog.
  • Boys-alien, iron man, harry potter.

5th grade

  • Girls-red riding hood, cheerleader vampire, rag doll
  • Boy-vampire, video game character, dark shadow

7th grade

  • Girls-kitty, pink morph dude, witch
  • Boy-horse mask, waldo, Mario